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Robin & Eric

We had our Disney Fairytale Wedding on June 7, 2019. It was literally a dream come true. I truly had an amazing team to help pull all of it together, but there is one person who definitely stands out, and that is our officiant — Renee Silverman @ A Lovely Ceremony. I’m religious and my (now) husband is Agnostic, so we wanted a ceremony that could be tailored to our needs and completely customizable. After receiving our first email from Renee, I knew she was the one 😉 I felt like she really took the time to ask about our relationship and hear our story because she genuinely cares about her couples! She kept communication with me throughout the entire planning process and made sure we were on time with getting the legal process taken care of. I really appreciate this, because the closer you get to the wedding day, the more tasks you have to complete and little things can get forgotten or missed! After communicating for months via email, we finally were able to meet at the Wedding Rehearsal and instantly I knew we made the right decision! Renee has such a calming voice in the midst of all the chaos and gave me the best advice for the big day. Because of her, I was able to remain calm at the altar, look into my husband’s eyes and take it all in. I did not see anyone else in those moments, which is a gift I will forever cherish and never forget. My wedding party and guests had nothing but great things to say… My planner and photographers love working with her for Disney Weddings! … My husband says she made him laugh 😉 We both absolutely adore you, Renee, and can’t thank you enough for joining us for such a special occasion! We look forward to planning a vow renewal in the future years with you! Thank you so much for everything!

Brittany & Jeremy

We can’t say enough good things about Renee! We had the honor of her being our officiant for our Disney World wedding. Our ceremony turned out absolutely perfect, and that’s because of the beautiful and personal script that Renee helped us put together. She can be as creative, funny, or serious as you want. And you can add whatever elements or events you want. The sky was the limit while we spent the 12 months before our wedding working together to craft something that ended up feeling so uniquely us. The process was so easy and fun. Renee took care of everything, was so quick to respond to every email, and was also so quick in her ability to present us wonderful and well-written drafts. She was always great at initiating conversations with us throughout the year, always checking in every couple weeks to see how we were doing. Renee also guided us through the marriage license process, and despite the fact that we are from New York and had to do it all through mail, she made it all so easy to understand and complete. My fiancé (at the time) asked Renee for advice while he wrote his own vows, and she helped him through it with helpful suggestions, which resulted in an absolutely beautiful piece that came from his heart. Renee is incredibly generous, compassionate and patient, and it showed through in the way she spoke at our ceremony. Not only did Jeremy and I love how it all turned out, but we also received a lot of compliments from our guests that really appreciated how personal and unique our ceremony was and how they really enjoyed Renee’s presentation of it all. It’s common to not put a lot of planning and attention into the ceremony, but I highly recommend that you work with Renee because you will soon realize how much the ceremony can greatly enhance your day. She helped us create something unforgettable that ended up being our favorite part of the day.

Abby & Jesse

How do I even begin to put in to words how instrumental Renee was in my wedding day being absolute perfection?!? I don’t think it’s possible, but here goes my best attempt. My now husband and myself fell in love with Renee as soon as we came across her website. The variety she offered, and that magic wand, made me SO excited for the possibilities for our ceremony. Renee quickly set us up with a phone consultation. During that two-hour conversation (sorry that I ramble when I’m both excited and nervous, Renee!), it became evident to my fiancé and I that Renee would be far more than a trusted officiant for us — she quickly became a trusted friend in our planning process. She had genuine excitement when discussing our day — something our own families often lacked. We wanted a unique ceremony, one that tied us together not just with each other but with our little one as well. Prior to the phone consultation, I had been burning my fingertips off frantically scrolling Pinterest for ideas. Renee put an abrupt stop to that stress. She assured me she would handle all of the research and idea creations. I put my faith in her and stopped stressing about it. She also provided us honest, useful recommendations for other vendors we were struggling to choose and walked us through the process to obtain our marriage license. She made wedding planning fun, something else everyone before her had failed to do for me. With her guidance, we obtained our marriage license and had it mailed to her (so awesome not having to stress about remembering it on the busy wedding morning). Renee was at our venue early when I arrived. She gave me the best hug I ever received, like a long-lost friend I hadn’t seen in ages, and spoke with me — calming all of my jitters. She helped coordinate the ceremony with our Disney planner and photography team. As I prepared to walk down the aisle, she re-appeared to tell me a little story about how I was marrying the right man — while I was sure of that long before it was time to walk down the aisle, to have someone stop me right before the big moment and remind me what it was all about to begin with meant the world to me. She delivered a FLAWLESS ceremony — one that brought my little family together officially. It was so beautiful. Just re-living it in my memory brings a fond tear to my eye. Ending the ceremony with the wand was such a magical surprise for all of our unsuspecting guests (highly recommend it)! If you are in need of an officiant for your special day, book Renee today before the next lucky bride gets her — you will not be disappointed!!!

Beth and Casey

GRATEFUL is the first word which comes to mind when thinking of what to write about our experience with Renee. I am so grateful for EVERYTHING Renee contributed to our wedding. From the very first phone call, I truly felt as though it was destiny I was put in contact with her. The time and effort Renee gives to making sure the ceremony is exactly what you envision is unprecedented. Whatever anxiety we may have had at rehearsal about the wedding was put to rest that evening in large part because of Renee; her directions and tips for the ceremony made all the difference in the world. The actual ceremony was perfect — it felt as though a family friend who has known my husband and I our entire lives was marrying us. Everyone who attended the wedding was wildly impressed with how personal and natural feeling the ceremony was. I just cannot imagine the day and Renee not being a part of it — my husband and I feel so thankful our memories of that day include her! We WHOLEHEARTEDLY recommend Renee — you will not be disappointed.

Tina & Ethan

Oh, wow. Hiring Renee at A Lovely Ceremony was one of the best decisions my husband and I have ever made. We had a shared vision on what a perfect ceremony was, but it was definitely one that was nontraditional– and the hardest thing about being nontraditional is that there aren’t a lot of references out there to go off of! And when you’re planning a wedding, getting a ceremony down to the “T” can seem nearly impossible. The best way to describe Renee is she’s an expert at her craft. I really never knew an officiant could be so good. When I first got ahold of her by phone, it was a relatively short period before the wedding. I left her a voicemail and that same day she got back to me. We spoke for over an hour! She just wanted to get a feel for what kind of couple we were, our passions, our likes and interests… She was easy to meet up with, and she gave us examples from what I imagine must be a huge arsenal of all the wedding ceremonies she’s written. She had a plan for each part of the ceremony and helped us make it perfect. Day of, Renee had a bit of a scratchy throat but it didn’t stop her at all. Seriously, no one had any idea, she’s an amazing orator! She spoke perfectly: the right pauses, the right pace, all of it. She gave us lots of great advice for a more intimate ceremony. I had a funny couple of moments where one eyelash (!!) then the second (!!!!!) came off my makeup as I teared up, ohhhh my goooosh…. *boom,* there’s a handkerchief from Renee. She, my husband and I all got to laugh to ourselves at such a funny moment, but nobody else in the crowd even noticed. She didn’t skip a beat, and honestly, all of them were in tears anyways. *Happy* tears, obviously. It was THAT good. Hire Renee! You cannot go wrong with her. She will make your ceremony perfect.

Michelle & Brian

We were referred to Renee from friends of ours who had their wedding ceremony performed by her. After contacting Renee by email, she immediately scheduled a video call so we could get to know each other. A few moments into the video call, my now-wife and I had an instant rapport with her, and immediately made the decision to have her to perform our ceremony. Not only did she work with us to provide us with a ceremony that would be both elegant as well as comedic, but she was able to assist in a number of facets that we, as Non-Florida residents, were uncertain about. For instance, Renee was knowledgeable about the marriage license application process and timeline which allowed us to easily complete it from hundreds of miles away. Due to circumstance, our rehearsal was held in a ballroom and our wedding was slated for a different venue. Renee was knowledgeable of the details of our Disney venue and was able to inform us on where certain markers would be. As a result we were able to visualize where we would stand, where to walk, and how to face. This made the actual ceremony comfortable and minimized the amount of faux pas on our part. Because of this, the ceremony went exceedingly well. Renee has a wonderful sense of humor that complemented our somewhat goofy personalities but is very professional to ensure the integrity of the ceremony. She is extremely personable and she was invested in our ceremony to ensure that it was as magical as we could have imagined.

Marissa & Joe

My husband and I chose to have a Disney World wedding mainly because we were looking to have a magical day at our favorite place. I can honestly say Renee, and our ceremony, was the BEST, most magical part of our day. Renee was incredibly helpful with assisting us in preparing our vows and really took the time to get to know us as a couple. She was so, so creative in adding fun aspects to our ceremony, while perfectly capturing my husband’s and my love story. She treated me as if we were lifelong friends on my wedding day, and the lovely chat she had with me before walking down the aisle really helped to calm any nerves. Renee goes above and beyond to help make it a perfect day. Not only was she amazing with vow writing, but her timeliness in responding to emails and her helpfulness with information on name changes and obtaining the marriage certificate was outstanding. My husband and I will most definitely book Renee for vow renewals in the future!!

Dani & Ben

Choosing Renee as our officiant was the best decision we made for our wedding! As soon as we Facetimed Renee we had an instant connection with her and knew she was the one for us, so warm, kind, happy (we came off the call saying she reminded us of the Fairy Godmother) and knew exactly what we wanted. It has been an absolute pleasure working with Renee and we cannot recommend her highly enough. We felt so lucky to have found someone like Renee. The ceremony was so important to us, that it was unique to us as a couple and Renee understood this straight away. She was so helpful sending us ideas and reviewing our ceremony draft regularly until we were completely happy with the finished ceremony. All of our wedding guests commented on how lovely the ceremony and Renee were. She made our very special day all the more magical and her “1, 2, 3” wise words of advice is the best advice we have ever been given and it made the ceremony all the more special for us as we really stayed in the moment, a moment we will remember forever. Thank you Renee, for everything, no words can really express how blessed we feel to have met you. Lots of love, hugs and pixie dust Dani and Ben xxx

Lauryn & Clark

Hiring Renee was such a wonderful decision. The time and effort she puts into creating your ceremony for you is unmatched. She truly tailors your ceremony to fit you as a couple — and it’s amazing. She prints your vows on a card (if you’re writing your own) and has them ready for you so it’s one less thing for you to worry about, she’s prompt at getting back to your emails, she’s knowledgeable about the marriage license progress, etc. I could go on, but my husband and I were so happy with our experience with her. We received compliments on our ceremony all night on our wedding night. Thank you for everything, Renee!!