My Specialties

Are the two of you, as a couple, exactly like any other couple? Should your wedding ceremony be the same as everyone else’s — something that you just “have to get through” — or would you like for your ceremony to be something that is truly joyful, memorable and as unique as the two of you are?


Why not have a wedding ceremony that has wording and elements that are tailored to the two of you, rather than a generic, “cookie-cutter” ceremony that’s been said and done thousands of times before? Whether it be a poem or verse that has special meaning — or words you want to write yourself, or have me help you write — wording that can include humor, references to your hobbies, passions, pets, or anything that is special to the two of you — I spend the time to get to know you and work with you on a ceremony that is exactly what YOU want it to be!


My first priority as an officiant is for the two of you to be absolutely thrilled and excited for your ceremony. Second, I feel it’s important for your guests to feel “engaged” in your ceremony as well, so that they know how much they mean to you, that they feel their presence is appreciated, and that they feel like they’re a part of your ceremony. This makes such a difference, not only during your ceremony, but afterward — when they tell you that your ceremony was so “you,” or how much they loved and appreciated feeling involved. From a “Ring Warming” to a group “We Do!” to anything else we can come up with, it adds a warm and wonderful dimension!


Would you like to add something “extra” to your ceremony that symbolizes your lives being joined, and have the option to include children or other family members? A Unity Ceremony doesn’t have to include a candle or sand! There are many other options, including a Wine Box, a Wine Blending, a Handfasting Cord, or a one-of-a-kind Unity Ceremony we can create that’s perfect for the two of you!


Are you a Disney Fairy Tale Weddings couple? I’m honored to be on Walt Disney World’s “Preferred Officiants Resource List,” and can work with you on a wedding ceremony that’s as magical as the Disney surroundings you’re being married in! Please click on the “Disney Weddings” link for more information!


A Vow Renewal Ceremony is a wonderful way to celebrate your years together, and to tell your spouse that you’d marry them all over again. It not only brings back the joy of your original wedding day, but creates a new and happy memory for your future together!


Does a ceremony and wedding that’s “off the beaten aisle” appeal to you? I love to work with couples on ceremonies that include unusual or offbeat themes. A wedding I officiated was featured in Offbeat Bride, and I’d love to create a ceremony with you that is a unique reflection of your interests, passions and sense of humor! There is no rule that says your ceremony must be like everyone else’s — one size ceremony definitely does NOT fit all!


I truly love and care about what I do, and the couples I work with, and am passionate about creating, and delivering, a wedding ceremony that will be uniquely yours — one that you will remember for your entire marriage as one of the most joyous moments of your life.