Tina & Ethan Oh, wow. Hiring Renee at A Lovely Ceremony was one of the best decisions my husband and I have ever made. We had a shared vision on what a perfect ceremony was, but it was definitely one that was nontraditional– and the hardest thing about being nontraditional is that there aren’t a lot of references out there to go off of! And when you’re planning a wedding, getting a ceremony down to the “T” can seem nearly impossible. The best way to describe Renee is she’s an expert at her craft. I really never knew an officiant could be so good. When I first got ahold of her by phone, it was a relatively short period before the wedding. I left her a voicemail and that same day she got back to me. We spoke for over an hour! She just wanted to get a feel for what kind of couple we were, our passions, our likes and interests… She was easy to meet up with, and she gave us examples from what I imagine must be a huge arsenal of all the wedding ceremonies she’s written. She had a plan for each part of the ceremony and helped us make it perfect. Day of, Renee had a bit of a scratchy throat but it didn’t stop her at all. Seriously, no one had any idea, she’s an amazing orator! She spoke perfectly: the right pauses, the right pace, all of it. She gave us lots of great advice for a more intimate ceremony. I had a funny couple of moments where one eyelash (!!) then the second (!!!!!) came off my makeup as I teared up, ohhhh my goooosh…. *boom,* there’s a handkerchief from Renee. She, my husband and I all got to laugh to ourselves at such a funny moment, but nobody else in the crowd even noticed. She didn’t skip a beat, and honestly, all of them were in tears anyways. *Happy* tears, obviously. It was THAT good. Hire Renee! You cannot go wrong with her. She will make your ceremony perfect.