Brittany & Jeremy We can’t say enough good things about Renee! We had the honor of her being our officiant for our Disney World wedding. Our ceremony turned out absolutely perfect, and that’s because of the beautiful and personal script that Renee helped us put together. She can be as creative, funny, or serious as you want. And you can add whatever elements or events you want. The sky was the limit while we spent the 12 months before our wedding working together to craft something that ended up feeling so uniquely us. The process was so easy and fun. Renee took care of everything, was so quick to respond to every email, and was also so quick in her ability to present us wonderful and well-written drafts. She was always great at initiating conversations with us throughout the year, always checking in every couple weeks to see how we were doing. Renee also guided us through the marriage license process, and despite the fact that we are from New York and had to do it all through mail, she made it all so easy to understand and complete. My fiancé (at the time) asked Renee for advice while he wrote his own vows, and she helped him through it with helpful suggestions, which resulted in an absolutely beautiful piece that came from his heart. Renee is incredibly generous, compassionate and patient, and it showed through in the way she spoke at our ceremony. Not only did Jeremy and I love how it all turned out, but we also received a lot of compliments from our guests that really appreciated how personal and unique our ceremony was and how they really enjoyed Renee’s presentation of it all. It’s common to not put a lot of planning and attention into the ceremony, but I highly recommend that you work with Renee because you will soon realize how much the ceremony can greatly enhance your day. She helped us create something unforgettable that ended up being our favorite part of the day.