Abby & Jesse How do I even begin to put in to words how instrumental Renee was in my wedding day being absolute perfection?!? I don’t think it’s possible, but here goes my best attempt. My now husband and myself fell in love with Renee as soon as we came across her website. The variety she offered, and that magic wand, made me SO excited for the possibilities for our ceremony. Renee quickly set us up with a phone consultation. During that two-hour conversation (sorry that I ramble when I’m both excited and nervous, Renee!), it became evident to my fiancé and I that Renee would be far more than a trusted officiant for us — she quickly became a trusted friend in our planning process. She had genuine excitement when discussing our day — something our own families often lacked. We wanted a unique ceremony, one that tied us together not just with each other but with our little one as well. Prior to the phone consultation, I had been burning my fingertips off frantically scrolling Pinterest for ideas. Renee put an abrupt stop to that stress. She assured me she would handle all of the research and idea creations. I put my faith in her and stopped stressing about it. She also provided us honest, useful recommendations for other vendors we were struggling to choose and walked us through the process to obtain our marriage license. She made wedding planning fun, something else everyone before her had failed to do for me. With her guidance, we obtained our marriage license and had it mailed to her (so awesome not having to stress about remembering it on the busy wedding morning). Renee was at our venue early when I arrived. She gave me the best hug I ever received, like a long-lost friend I hadn’t seen in ages, and spoke with me — calming all of my jitters. She helped coordinate the ceremony with our Disney planner and photography team. As I prepared to walk down the aisle, she re-appeared to tell me a little story about how I was marrying the right man — while I was sure of that long before it was time to walk down the aisle, to have someone stop me right before the big moment and remind me what it was all about to begin with meant the world to me. She delivered a FLAWLESS ceremony — one that brought my little family together officially. It was so beautiful. Just re-living it in my memory brings a fond tear to my eye. Ending the ceremony with the wand was such a magical surprise for all of our unsuspecting guests (highly recommend it)! If you are in need of an officiant for your special day, book Renee today before the next lucky bride gets her — you will not be disappointed!!!